Friday, May 15, 2015

VENDORS: Networking WORKS with the right Attitude

What an emotional day at The Big Event yesterday.  I have never gotten teary eyed so many times at a networking event in my life.  Thank you to Dawn Harman for asking for help and allowing me to participate and meet these wonderful people.  The motivating speakers continuously reminded us that we CAN do whatever we put our minds to and we ARE worthy of success! And most times that means to work as a team! This group really knows what networking is all about and they are all dedicated to helping one another.  Serving others BEFORE asking for business.  As I stepped away from my table one of the speakers asked me how the event was going for me.  I mentioned that I was there to help my photographer friend and described OC Brides a bit.  He said "What do YOU need next?".  I shared with him where I wanted OC Brides to be and as he handed me his card he said "Call me, I can help you with that".    I have had many business associates help me over the years merely because they understood how I wanted to "help" others build their businesses even though it isn't a profitable endeaver for me.  I am truly grateful for all these wonderful people who have and continue to have faith in me by offering their expertise to help me help Wedding Professionals succeed!


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