Monday, February 7, 2011

Can Your Business Survive Without You?

I am proud and excited to announce that we will be putting on a series of seminars this year starting with Sam Legaspi.  Sam has been involved in the wedding industry for over 3 years and has been very successful growing a business whereas many others businesses have been struggling.  He started his business as a "business" not as a "creative outlet".  His business practices are sometimes controversial but "eye-opening" nonetheless.

Many of us in this day and age are working to make ends meet No matter what age we are, everyone will be faced with important decisions about their future, whether it's retirement or just building a business into an asset that will benefit us.  Is it still possible to "step away" from your business and enjoy the cash flow at 40, 45, 50, 55 years old? Absolutely! But how can we if at this point we're faced with overwhelming challenges that has made many professionals reconsider their affiliation as a wedding professional?  Sam has a program that has been proven to build any business and help anyone put in place a plan to grow their business into a valuable asset.  As a DJ, photographer, wedding planner etc. can you see yourself working this hard at 60 and competing against "hip" 30 year old professionals? Ask yourself these questions, 

1) Is my business really helping me reach my goals? Or am I better off working for a Fortune 500 company? 
2) Can I walk away in 5, 10, 15 years? 

Whether you're thinking about retirement or just building your net worth, action steps need to be taken now!

Stay tuned for more info on these high energy, motivational seminars coming to Orange County and LA soon.  Sam will be the featured speaker at the next OCBrides mixer on February 23rd at the Women's Center/Rose Garden in Orange.  You don't want to miss his tips!

Cindy Lieber

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's in Store for 2011

A friend told me I needed to pick a word that depicts my focus for the year.  My word is "change".  And OCBrides is making some fantastic changes this year.

  1. We have a great new set of energetic general board members, all bringing new vitality to the table.  
  2. Our OCBrides mixers are gaining momentum and we have some fantastic members. 
  3. We are planning some highly motivational, controversial, and energetic seminars this year.  
  4. We have a new yearly membership pricing plan that can save you money on mixer admission.
  5. We have an Ad in The Wedding Guide that is distributed to brides at all Orange County and LA bridal shows.
    1. And we are representing some of the best of the best vendors in the OC. 

      It is going to be a great year for us and we hope to see you at the OCBrides mixers this year. 



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