Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{DIY} How to Shop at the Flower Mart LA

Today I ran across this great article on Green Wedding Shoes about How to Shop the LA Flower Market.  Many brides may not know we have one of the best flower markets right in our own backyard.  The Original Los Angeles Flower Market is located at 754 Wall St (between 7th + 8th) Los Angeles, 90014.

Green Wedding Shoes gives you great tips from placing orders to how to dress.

Read more to get great tips on how to purchase the best flowers for your wedding.

Photos by katiepritchard.com 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What I Learned From The Mayor

This was probably the best Taste of Yorba Linda I have been to. Thanks to cousins Marya Diamond and her husband Bob for the invite. And I must congratulate Bob for being voted Ambassador of the Yorba Linda Chamber!
With a Hollywood stars theme, there was fabulous music by impersonators such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and Neil Diamond.

In addition to great music, I was so excited to find several new local food businesses coming to our town with healthy choices too! Epic Noodle has been around for a few years but I never got a chance to stop in. I'm so happy to see that their noodles are Gluten Free!
And check this out ... Coming in August to the location of the old Palomar near the Vons on YorbaLlinda Blvd is Oceans and Earth. An all Organic restaurant with Catering. They source their fresh veggies right from a farm in Brea! I tried their amazing Carrot Cake that was uniquely display in a cute little plastic flower pot with edible flowers and a real (tiny) carrot on top. Very creative! I can't wait for this restaurant to open!

I was happy to see True Shabu there as well. I tried the spicy Edamame and can't wait to go check out some of the healthy choices they have on the menu such as Zucchini Spaghetti, Wild Caught Seafood, and other gluten Free and Organic options!

TapSnap , the leader in open-air, event based entertainment had a fun photobooth that we got to check out with none other than Jack Sparrow! As I exchanged cards with Nadia of TapSnap she handed me a take away gift of 6 fruit filled Godiva chocolates. She only had a few to give out so I was honored and they happen to be my favorite! Thanks so much Nadia and I hope we get to see you at one of our events soon!

I didn't get a card from Wise Guys Pizza but I'm excited to see that they are coming in to the Yorba Ranch Center taking over the old Ranch Enchilada. They do have a gluten free pizza option and they have catering. It will be a nice addition to the center and they will be utilizing the spacious outdoor patio area.

And just before we left, I was personally introduced to the Mayor of Yorba Linda Craig Young. I had a fabulous conversation with him and he really cared about answering some concerns I had about the changes in the city. So much so that he walked us to the car!
I have lived here for over 35 years and have watched this city change so much but never took an active part in voting for change or improvements. Heck I have never even been to a city council meeting. Speaking with the Mayor really makes me want to get involved in this wonderful and beautiful city that I have called home for so long!


Friday, July 18, 2014

VENDORS: 10 Ideas for Maintaining Contact with Your Clients

• Put in place a system of regular contact where you can mention additional products and services that might be of interest to your clients

• Consider using tools of communication like invitations, postcards, newsletters, thank-you cards and sales letters

• Keep clients and prospects informed and up-to-date with any changes in your business

• Let them know first about new products and services, as well as new applications for existing products

• Keep the lines of communication open so clients can easily have their problems solved regular contact makes you seem more accessible to clients

• Do whatever it takes to make clients happy without undue delay

• Ask them to direct other people to you or if someone they know would like to receive your free newsletter, sample, catalogue, etc.

• Inform clients first about all upcoming events, new product releases etc.

• Remind clients before it’s time to renew or replenish or come back in for a review

• Provide helpful tips or pass along related information clients may find useful The quality of your on-going relationships with client s is the primary underlying value of your business.

Clients are your business and should be treated as good friends. Do whatever is necessary to stay in your client’s thoughts. The ultimate pinnacle is to be “top of mind”... that is to be the first (and perhaps only) source your client thinks of, whenever she needs what you provide. This gives you a tremendous competitive edge over others and adds considerably to the true value of your business.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Many a time, in spite of the best preparation and immaculate arrangement,
that very last week ahead of the wedding gets chaotic and things get
mislaid or left behind. As a wedding in-charge, in spite of frequent
intimations, I have had couples who fail to remember the rings,
the marriage license and the candles for the unity candle ritual as
well as other things not so crucial.

At a certain Friday evening run through I intimated the couple to
be certain to bring their marriage license to the Saturday afternoon
wedding and they stared at each other and at me with a taken
aback look. In the enthusiasm of the coming of family and friends
and with the last minute arrangements, they merely did not remember
to get their marriage license. There was a brief absolute state of alarm.

I told them I would do research of the law and call them early Saturday
morning. The consequence was that we had the fullceremonial wedding
on Saturday. And on Monday, after they got hold of a license, we had
an informal wedding with just their parents and me.

The law does not consent to a ceremony to be carried out prior to
acquiring the license and I did not want them ever to doubt if their
marriage was legitimate.

I can assure that not remembering to bring important things leads
to all kinds of anticipation and anxiety and time and again postpones
the start of the ceremony. This is mainly problematic when the couple lives
a long way from the ceremony location and we have to pass the time while
somebody goes to get the marriage license.

So, what is the way out?

Put together a listing of everything you require for the ritual e.g. license,
rings, candles, roses for the mothers, etc. Pack each article in a bag well
in advance of the ritual and put it in a location that it cannot be unrecalled.
for those last minute objects like wine or roses, put down a big note on
the outer surface of the bag. You might be able to appoint a family
member you can rely on to be in charge for inspecting the
items with the checklist and fetching the bag to the service location.

Be sure you can rely on them.

Believe me, something go off in the mind that last week ahead of the wedding.
So get the whole thing completed well ahead of time before the mind goes
into that place of “wedding-mind-fog.” A “Wedding Ceremony Bag” helps
you get there with all that you require and averts the “distress and dread”
of misplaced wedding rings and marriage license.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Do You Need a Wedding Planner? Would You Remodel Your Home Without a General Contractor?

I don’t get it. Why would you take on a project that can cost you anywhere from $10,000 to, well, as high as you want to go without having a professional by your side?
Here is the thing, would you take on a major home remodeling project without hiring a general contractor? Of course not. I know, you are asking how are those even remotely the same. Let me ask you,

“How are they different?”
  • Both have budgets in at least the 5 figure range. That is a LOT of money.
  • In both instances you want a high degree of p
    ersonalization. In short, you want YOUR dream to be executed.
  • Both will require a long list of sub-contractors that you have most likely never dealt with before.
  • Both require tight scheduling to make sure ever
    ything comes together on time and on budget.
  • Both are going to have glitches and unexpected issues pop up that someone is going to have to deal with.
  • The results of both are going to be with you for a long, long time.

Am I beginning to make some sense here?

All those things listed above are what a wedding planner does.

  • They know which vendors are reliable and match your style.
  • They help you translate your dreams to the people who are going to make them come true.
  • They know all about how your venue works in terms of timing and convenience for load in.
  • It is their job to keep that timeline on track so, for example, the flowers show up after the tables are set up, dinner is served hot and the MC know when to do the first dance.
  • It is their job to keep all those sub-contractors working together on the right plan.
  • They are there to look you right in the eye and say “Yes you can have that, but you are going to have to give up XYZ”
  • They are there to handle those last-minute glitches and issues in a way that you don’t even know they happened.
There is a wealth of information online today on how to plan a wedding, but until you actually do it, you have no idea of everything involved.
Seriously, when you look at it in this light, why would you even think of not hiring a wedding planner for one of the days you are going to remember for the rest of your life.
Sure, I could watch HGTV, DIY Network, House Crashers and This Old House until my eyes bleed but one episode of Holmes on Homes or DIY Disaster will cure my ass of thinking I can remodel my kitchen on my own!

By: Christine Boulton
Wedding Dish

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Overcoming the "What's Your Price Bride" by Rick Brewer now included with Membership

 "The What's Your Price Bride" 

by Rick Brewer


For a limited time only (actually only 2 days) we are including this amazing CD with your membership.
Here is what you get ....
"In five years of traveling around the country speaking and consulting full time with wedding professionals, the number one question that everyone wants me to answer is this:

"How do we get past the bride who only wants to know what our price is?

While you can't find a positive response to this (or any question with an absolute, work every time response- in fact, if someone suggests that their method does work every time-RUN) you can find improvement through methods that work.

There are reasons why these Brides ask the dreaded "price" question, and candidly, they are valid reasons. Heck if you were to put yourself in her shoes, you would absolutely agree.

I have worked, re-worked and worked over this dilemma for five years straight now (not to mention the 7 years when I was a wedding professional and had to deal with it myself). I know that I have found some solutions- how do I know? Simple, the response from those who do this. They overwhelmingly tell me that it works~!

I am proud to announce the release of my newest CD, "Overcoming the "What's Your Price" Bride".  "

Rick Brewer has worked one on one with over 2100 wedding businesses and has brought results to thousands through his seminars, private one on one consulting and his 14 books. Rick is widely seen as the guru of Bridal psychology and hopes to help you with your business as well!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summertime at Nixon Library

I'm so happy I was able to make it to the Bridal Show at Nixon Library last Sunday.  Not only because it is only 2 miles from me but because it is such an amazing place. I think it is one of the best wedding venues in Orange County!   And I just adore Carrie Biddle, VP of Sales and hope we can work together again soon.

In addition to the bridal show, there are some very important exhibits to see at The Nixon Library this summer and we got to see them that day.  I took so many photos, I could have made an album just on the one half day event.  (www.ocmemorymakers.com)

Beautiful floral table decor by Flower Allie.

Amazing food provided by two of my favorite caterers, White House Restaurant and Jason's Catering.

The Rose garden with the reflection pool is so beautiful and peaceful, it is one of the best places for a ceremony!

After the 2 hour show, I was able to see the Baseball History Exhibit that is going on right now.  Fun to see the first pitch photos and videos of the Presidents in history.

Then I decided to take a peek at the recital competition winners for a few minutes.  These were mere kids performing like the best of the best!  They were simply amazing!

The Nixon Library is commemorating the 20th anniversary of the State Services of President Nixon.  I remember this day.  My mother and I stood in line from 6pm to 8 am to say goodbye to Nixon and see the flowers sent by dignitaries world-wide.

And another wonderful memorial ... Portraits of the Fallen!  "We Will Never Forget"

Thank you to the staff at Nixon Library for an amazing day!


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