Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Planning Meeting for BenefitALL Charity Event in December


On Friday evening, October 8th, 2010 from 6 pm to 9 pm, we have invited some of the finest event coordinators and planners throughout Southern California to begin planning benefitall.   Ask your friends to join us, if they are also  interested in producing the largest single day of giving without barriers, ever held.  

Please refrain from circulating event details until you have attended the planning event and understand the ground-rules for this amazing event.   Avoiding confusion or mis-information is paramount to its success in the allocated time with the allocated resources.  Thank you for understanding. 

The notice is late, but our time is short and the need to get started is clear.  Thank you for trying to clear your calendar for us.  

Register Now for October 8th, Planning Kickoff!

I have had the pleasure to work with many of those invited and expected to attend.  Some I have not.   Either way, we will quickly 'sort through' the major areas of responsibility and begin to define and design the requirements and appropriate assignments.    Please, bring your laptops or notebooks and be prepared to actively listen and participate.  

What is benefitall?
On December 18th, 2010:  A day and place where all share their gifts with each other; seeing real, active charity at work.   All have needs, all have gifts; somewhere in this mass of giving people the answer to one's needs will be found. 

Every day: Charity, and active Giving:   a community of donations of all kinds to organizations of choice through purchase and participation in everyday and spectacular events. 
Prelminary web   click here.

Register Now for October 8th, Planning Kickoff!

Who is 'giving' this day? Everyone.   Examples:
Thousands of vendors participating in providing 10 Angel weddings; non-profit support for the event; Schools and educators providing scholarships; donors providing tents, trucks, volunteers and, Angel Stadium...And on and on.  

What is the cost?  You must bring a gift...

What can be given?   What you have that others may need:  Smiles, hugs, subject area expertise, handshake, story telling, teddy bears, guidance, products and more.  All are equally respected, needed  and valid to make the day a success. 

What if I have no gift to give? 
Call or visit us; we'll help you find your gift.  Everyone has one. 

Register Now for October 8th, Planning Kickoff!

Who is involved: 
  1. 100 + charities & non-profits 
  2. 100+ small/ large businesses; many on site with answers to your everyday questions; or solutions to your problems. 
  3. 100's of school, community and similar organizations 
  4. 100's event artists, (event planners, caterers, bakers, florists, photographers, videographers, special 'effects' providers, musicians, artists, invitations, clothing, etc.)  
  5. Hundreds of sponsors, large corporations, businesses from around the country, who share the vision of unity and charity.  
  6. 10's of Collection Trucks for items such as food, clothing, furniture, sports, Christmas, music/arts, yard and other topics.   
  7. 10's of tents for hands-on assistance or answers to problems with your car, house, finances, legal, computer or other family or business  issues. 
  8. 10 selected Angel Brides who will receive their dream weddings. Southern California residents, businesses and providers;    

Register Now for October 8th, Planning Kickoff!
What are the requirements:  Registration is required; for services and businesses, verification will be required. 

What is in it for you?   Who are you?  The benefits are endless, beginning with just plain feeling good, seeing face to face people who can use, benefit from and appreciate your efforts, in a safe, honest, open and 'even' setting.  Then, figure in the exposure already beginning from the OC Register to NBC4 and beyond.... it will be huge. And, some of you will help make it huge!   That is YOUR gift to others!  

Advertising/PR has already started; NBC4; OCRegister and more on the docet!  We even have the OCCounty Clerk offering to officiate the evening weddings. 

Who is needed?  What kind of people are really needed at this first planning meeting?
  • Social Media, marketing and PR  (with single point of authorityl over releases for 'message' and security, compliance and insurance reasons)  
  • Financial, legal and related, especially focused to non-profits,  to ensure all in/out flow between and across the organizations and companies is consistent and accurately reflected, reported, and no unintentional violations of charters, etc occur. 
  • Event Artists:  bakers, caterers, florists, etc etc etc.    Each non-profit (or category of non-profit) will have its own tent with assigned 'event artists' to perform setup and comply with all event guidelines; tents, signage, floral, music, if any, etc.   Some will find their creations also used for the evening multiple-wedding event.  
  • Organizers, Organizers, Organizers....for outreach, for onsite efforts, etc...   a million things to be 'pulled together' due to the diverse audience and time allocation. 
  • do online, data-entry, phone, handouts, visits, creating, etc.    to help define and document to help others later... 
  • Representatives to coordinate High School glee clubs, marching bands, ROTC, key clubs and similar; young folks whose families would like another way/day to share their pride and dreams while helping others.   Representatives to coordinate Girl & Boy Scouts & Clubs; YM/YWCAs and more; who would like to be exposed to a larger, safe community where they can learn, earn credits and further build a foundation for a better life.  
  • Outreach coordinators for crafters, tutors and mentors for youngsters.   
The list is endless as the day will be diverse.  Gifts will be large, small and everywhere in between.  Please help us create and share this wonderful day with our Southern California family.
Register Now for October 8th, Planning Kickoff! Share and tell others.  
We need you all...

Register Now for October 8th, Planning Kickoff BenefitAll

Thank you for your attention and response.  I look forward to seeing you Friday!

Jason's Restaurant & WIne Cellar
416 W. 4th Street
Downtown Santa Ana Historic & Arts District
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Parking in rear; in Parking structure  or in front:
Private Events:

Enter through front or rear entrance.


Sharon Girulat
SG & Associates for BenefitAll

Monday, October 4, 2010 September 2010 Mixer at Heritage Museum

What great fun we had at the OC mixer on September 15th. Check out the video. Country Garden Caterers did an absolutely awesome job with their mashed potato bar (darn we didn't get any photos of that) and make your own Oriental Chicken Salad.

Candace Chromy of Heritage Museum gave a nice speech and tour of the grounds and Sam Legaspi of Cantina Light Pictures gave an eye-opening speech on the state of the industry! Thanks so much Candace and Sam!

Everyone networked and got new connections that night. And let's face it, networking is the cheapest form of advertising these days. So check out the video below and be sure to come see us at the next one on October 20th at OC Custom Wine in Anaheim.

Go Back in time with Us at The Heritage Museum

Heritage Museum of Orange County's gracious historic plaza and lush green surroundings offer a unique setting for your wedding or reception. Created to preserve Orange County's rich cultural heritage, the museum has been designed to emulate a 19th century country estate. The secluded eleven and a half acres of the site offer privacy and versatility. Several Victorian buildings and a variety of beautiful gardens and natural settings provide lovely backdrops for your festivities and keepsake photographs.


Thank you to George (Flash) Fenton of Fenton Photography for the beautiful photos of the event!


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