Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stacey O'Byrne of Pivot Point Advantage gave OC Brides members an amazing opportunity to learn how she built a 7 figure business from word of mouth marketing!  She is a speaker, trainer, best selling author, NLP Master Trainer, and a US Army Veteran.

Stacey's passion is working with dynamic sales people & entrepreneurs and helping them make their dreams a reality.  She is truly passionate about helping people aspire to be the best they can be while turning off the negative mind chatter and limiting beliefs.

Some notes from the seminar ....
"Remove your But's and Step into your ASK!".  She says you must Believe in Yourself!  It never hurts to ask for what you need such as a referral.  Forget about the Buts that keep you from asking.  Remember to mention "A good referral for me to day is _____________" when networking!

Her NLP training teaches you how to adopt another person's listening behavior. Understanding this behavior will ensure the other person understands what you are saying at a deeper level.  3 of the forms of listening include Visual, Auditory, and Feeling.  Pay attention to how the other person speaks.  Do they say "I see what you're saying or do they say I hear you?".  Speak in their language and your communication with others will be greatly enhanced!

Check out her website at ; In addition to her book that sells on amazon, she offers 1 day seminars as well as consulting services.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

VENDORS: Affiliate Opportunity = Easy Money & Better Networking

Hello OC Brides Members ....

Because you are a member, I thought you would be interested in becoming an affiliate for the event: OC's Best Bridal Networking Event at the Yorba Linda Country Club.

The bigger the attendance, the better the networking and it means more opportunities for YOU!  It's a WIN WIN!

Earn 20% of each ticket price simply by referring other new vendors to our event. When a non-member purchases a ticket, we track it!

If you tell a few people that register for the event, you could earn your admission FREE!!

Sign me up as an AFFILIATE for this event!

Some Restrictions apply:

** Must be a new vendor attending our event
** Only valid on $20 General Admission tickets


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