Sunday, April 17, 2011

How To Make Networking Comfortable by Robert McPhee

Very few people argue with the value of networking, so why do people resist doing it?
Aside from all the excuses–I don’t have time, I’m not a good networker, I don’t like to network–what’s the REAL reason people resist networking?  I was reading a book the other day called “Manifesting for Non-Gurus,” which was written by my friend Robert MacPhee (pictured at right) whom I’m in the Transformational Leadership Council with, and the book explains a concept which I think gets right to the core of this question–Comfort Zones.

The real reason most people do not network is because it makes them uncomfortable.

We’ve all heard about the concept of Comfort Zones before.  However, Robert explains it in a very unique way. He talks about how our resistance to doing something new often shows up as wanting to continue to do what is comfortable–even if it is not working well for usIn outlining his “Manifesting for Non-Gurus” approach, Robert explains that a comfort zone exists when our beliefs about who we are match the results we are getting. Think about it . . . if you consider yourself to be a great networker, do you show up at a networking meeting or event and present yourself differently than someone who thinks of himself as a poor networker?  Who is more comfortable?

Are you a great networker?

Hopefully you can answer this question with a highly-confident YES.  Unfortunately, most businesspeople would probably answer with a resounding NO.  Their image of themselves is of not being a great networker so, to remain comfortable, they will avoid networking, despite the fact that they know networking is valuable. Crazy, right?  Yet, we all know people who do this.

Fortunately, Robert explains that there is a very simple solution for anyone stuck in this kind of comfort zone.  It starts with a simple decision that part of who you are is a great networker. To declare that you love meeting new people, sharing what you do, and helping them in any way you can.  Start thinking about networking events as the valuable, exciting opportunities they are, instead of as dreaded situations that will pull you from your comfort zone.  This is the way successful networkers see themselves and perceive networking functions and that is a huge part of why they are successful networkers.

So, what about that voice in your head saying, “What about the evidence that seems to support the fact that I am not such a great networker?”  Well, according to Robert, that’s just your comfort zone crying out to reel you back in because the “I am a great networker” statement doesn’t match your current results.  If a “great networker” is who you want to be, the next step is to continue to declare that you are a great networker and “act as if” until the results you want start to show up!  This is the same thing you have done your whole life with any new skill you successfully learned. 

Robert teaches a simple five step approach to making these kinds of changes more quickly and easily, getting out of our current comfort zones, trying new things and creating the lasting results we want.  I highly recommend his work.  Maybe we can get him to write “Networking for Non-Gurus” next . . . ;-)

For more information about Robert and his work, please visit

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Monday, April 11, 2011

They Did It Their Way

With all the industry professionals that Matt an Molly Fitzgerald know, I was so honored to be invited to their Elopement Celebration yesterday.  After eloping in wine country a few months ago, the elopement celebration was held at the beautiful Red Horse Barn in Huntington Beach.  Of course that was right up my alley, as I showed English Jumpers as a teenager!

I never knew this Equestrian Center was also an event center of sorts.  And what a beautiful day for this fabulous couple to celebrate!
Matt and Molly kept it "Green" as the food was served on bamboo plates with bamboo forks and toothpicks.  I must say that bamboo forks are hard to use sometimes.  Mine broke eating a salad!  But I loved that they thought of the environment as they planned this event!  The passed appetizers and fabulous salads were by the great Mark's Catering and the Taco Cart by Taqueria El Tapatio #1

What a great way to celebrate your new life with family and friends.  Music by Danny Maika, and Horse Shoes and Croquet kept everyone entertained.  It felt as if we were at a family picnic! 
 Thanks Matt and Molly for "Doing It Your Way" and including us in your awesome celebration!

Friday, April 8, 2011

April Networking Mixer -- Brides are FREE Monthly Networking Mixer

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Featured Vendors so far ....

Open Bar by Concierge di Venue
Photography by Portraits by Dawn
Entertainment by Silver Disc Entertainment
Flowers by Lavender Memory
Photobooth by Photobooth Artist
Catering by Go2Girl and Concierge di Venue
Sweets by Amazing Cakes
Marriage Matters More
His and Hers Secrets
Bryde-n-all Weddings
My Dazzling Affairs
Stephanie's Linens
Photobooth Artist

Mixer is $10.00 Prepaid and $15.00 at the door.  Brides and Grooms are FREE!!!

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