Saturday, March 18, 2017

Selecting the Perfect Gown

In the last issue we talked about making the guest list and picking out
your invitations. In this issue we are going to talk about finding the
perfect gown for your special day.

One of the first things that comes to mind when a wedding is being
planned is the bride’s wedding gown. Finding the perfect gown is very
important to every bride to be.  Most girls want to feel like a princess as
they walk down the aisle to their prince charming!  You can look like a
princess without spending a whole year's salary on your dress!

But there are so many wedding gowns available. How do
you choose the one that is right for you?

Well, there are a few things to think about when you start looking at
wedding gowns. For instance;

- What  time of year is your big day?

The first thing to take into consideration is what time of year you will be
getting married. This will help you to decide on what type of cloth, the
length of your sleeves, and the length of your gown.

- What is your body type?

There are a couple of types of gowns that will work for all body types but
you want to be sure that your gown makes you look the best that you
can. A person at the bridal shop can help you select the dress that is
right for you.

- What is your personal style preference?

Think about what kinds of dresses you like, and that will also help you to
find a good wedding dress. It doesn't matter if they are plain or fancy,
every gown is beautiful. It’s always a great idea to take your mother or
another female relative or friend to help you choose your gown. It’s a
great bonding experience and it’s always a good idea to have a
second set of eyes.

Tradition is always nice, so you may also want to consider wearing your
mother or grandmother’s wedding gown. Can you imagine the pride on
their faces as they watch you stroll down the aisle toward your future
husband wearing the very gown they wore doing the same thing?

If you think that the gown is a bit out of date or it doesn't fit just right ,
consider hiring a seamstress to alter and update it a bit. You can often
find a seamstress or tailor for far less than the cost of a buying a new
wedding gown!

Don't cringe, but why not opt for a second-hand wedding dress? It’s
probably only been worn once or not at all and you can often get a very
expensive dress for half the price. Check out consignment shops or
thrift stores to see what they have to offer. Better yet, check out Ebay.

Another option is to rent your wedding gown.  Often you can rent
stunning gowns that retail for over $3,500 for as little as $75. Of course
you  can’t keep it, but considering that it will likely end up in a vacuum
sealed box that you don't dare open renting may be the perfect option
for you.

If your heart is set on a brand new gown that you can pass down to your
daughter someday make sure that you look around for discount
wedding stores, close out specials, liquidation sales or special events
at bridal shops in your area.

One last optin for you to consider is to pick out a pattern and hire a
local seamstress or someone that you know who sews to make
your gown for you. This probably won't be the most cost-saving route,
but you can have a designer gown for about half the cost.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about
how to have beautiful flowers on your wedding day without busting your

Cindy Lieber
Accredited Event Designer
OC Brides Event Coordination
(714) 970-6380

P.S. If you need help selecting a gown at an affordable price, shoot me an email.  I would love to help. 

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