Friday, March 17, 2017

Making a Guest List and Picking Out Invitations


In the last issue we talked about how to save money when planning your
perfect wedding. In this issue we are going to talk about making the
guest list and picking out your invitations.
After you have set a date it is time to start working on your guest list
thinking about invitations.
Ideally, invitations should be mailed out 6-8 weeks before the big day to
give guests time to make arrangements to attend and RSVP back to
The first step is to get organized. Begin by making a list of the people
you just can’t stand to get married without them being there. This list
will most likely consist of relatives and close friends.
Next ask your parents and the parents of your intended to provide you
with a list of who they would like to invite including accurate addresses
for your guests.
As we talked about in a different issue it is a good idea to divide the
guest list into five categories:
- bride's list
- groom's list
- the couple's common friends
- the groom's parents' list
- and the bride's parents' list.
This will help you sort everyone out and narrow down your guest list!
Don't worry if the list is too big at first. It often takes several revisions
before you come up with the perfect guest list.
Word of caution: don’t think that you have to invite everyone you know.
For instance; if you haven't talked to your high school study partner
since graduation, they probably don't need to be invited. Try not to get
all caught up in possibly offending someone by not inviting them to your
A good rule of thumb is if they aren't family and you don't talk to them
frequently, chances are pretty good that they won't give it a second
thought when your invitation doesn't arrive. The goal here it to end up
with a concise list of must have people at your wedding. Once you have
your guest list, you'll have an idea of how many invitations you'll need.
Next, it is time to pick a design.
Wedding invitations shouldn't be a big expense for you. Yes, when it’s
delivered all pretty in its customized envelope and small tissue square
inside, it can make an impression for about a minute, but the simple
fact is that most people only read it once, note the date, take out the
RSVP card and throw the invite away. So, while you want your invitation
to make a statement and reflect your vision of special day you want to
keep your spending to a minimum.
If you are crafty you can save a great deal of money by creating them
yourself on your personal computer.  You can use Microsoft Word or
Publisher to create beautiful invitations that are ALL you!
There also are inexpensive programs specifically made for creating
invitations and greeting cards. You can buy a wide variety of beautiful
card stock at any craft, office supply or discount store. You can also find
complete kits including embellishments by doing an Internet search for
"wedding invitation kits" to make the job even easier.
Did you know that you can even design your invitations on your home
computer and take them to a specialized copy shop or office supply
store so that you don't have to use up all of your own ink.
The traditional practice for wedding invitations is to put the invitation
inside an envelope and then place that envelope inside another
envelope.  When you are trying to stretch your budget why not consider
one envelope and have your guests RSVP with a prepaid postcard, by
email or phone. This will be easier for them and cost effective for you.
Consider printing reception information directly on the invitation
itself. That way you'll have all the information right there for your guests
to refer to before the big day instead of them having to save a separate
reception card.
You can use labels to print out addresses on your computer. I would
suggest clear labels because they look better.  The most prominent
label maker is Avery.  Their website offers free templates to print out
your labels, so you may want to check that out before struggling with a
software program.
If you don’t like the impersonal nature of address labels, address the
envelopes by hand. You can get information about calligraphy online or
just use your best handwriting!
Now if you don't like the idea of do-it-yourself invitations don't get
discouraged, just make sure that you shop around. Check out local
businesses and look online for the place that offers the most savings.
When it comes to wedding invitations, one of the biggest expenses is
going to be the postage. You really don't have any control over that,
unless of course you hand deliver invitations to guest that live locally.
Your guest will appreciate having you personally handing them their
invitation. It tells them that they are special to you and saves you money
at the same time!
Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about
finding the perfect gown for your special day.

If you need any help finding a source for your invitations or for supplies to make them, feel free to contact me for suggestions and referrals.  Just Hit Reply to this email! I look forward to hearing from you!!  

Cindy Lieber
Accredited Event Designer
OC Brides Event Coordination
(714) 970-6380

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